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ruining your relationships

You are Ruining Your Relationships; Here’s How.

In a recent study conducted on 120 men and women, the men answered yes to a degree of 9 points and beyond to the question: “Does economic power make you more attractive?” For the women, it was around 5 and 6 points on a scale of

why you will marry the wrong person

The Real Reason Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

Since people seldom marry for land, peace treaties, and things of that sort anymore, romantic love (or our idea of it) is the new order of the day. Romantic love is largely perceived as partner compatibility, and a large part of partner compatibility is based on

own the room

Your Ultimate Secret Weapon to Own the Room

One day, many years ago, I walked into a cosmetic vendor’s store. I may have come to get other things, but I remember that I was looking to get a new perfume in particular. I studied the shelves for a minute and picked up a curious-looking green bottle…

how one self-love experience changed my life in minutes

How One Self-Love Experience Changed my Life in Minutes

A long time ago, I had a raging case of flu that was going to cost about $60 to treat. I had a prescription; I just needed to get the medication and everything would be good and back to normal. I walk into the store and pick…

self respect

8 personal ways I Practice Self Respect every day

I would have considered myself to be a person with a healthy amount of self-respect, and in many ways I was. I carried my head high, armed myself with a bunch of self respect quotes, and didn’t let anyone disrespect me. The problem came when it involved…

how do I stop hating myself for my mistakes

You are not your Mistakes

Picture this: Life is a vast field of wild roses. You, a sojourner, are tasked with an assignment to get to the other side. To get to the other side, you need to get through the field. You make your way through the field. Your back gets…

i decided to write a book

So, I decided to Write a Book…

Last year, I met the most amazing man. We bonded over banter, dinner, and an uncanny love for similar music. We began a whirlwind romance that felt as natural as breathing, and four months later, it was over. I was left to face one of the most…

Goddess of Beauty

How to be a Goddess of Beauty in 9 Unusual steps

Attention, ladies! This isn’t the conventional “how to be beautiful”rundown. We’re not going to talk about the new trendy shade of lipstick, how to lose 3 pounds, or dress like every other bitch (no offense) in a hundred-mile radius. No. Our goddess of love and beauty is…

you are a goddess

You Are a Goddess, and I Have Proof. A MUST-READ!

On a day like this, many years ago, 400 million people started a race. At the end of it, only one of them was tenacious and worthy enough to reach the finish line, that person? We’ll get to that later. This person ran that race with grit and…


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