You Are a Goddess, and I Have Proof. A MUST-READ!

you are a goddess

On a day like this, many years ago, 400 million people started a race. At the end of it, only one of them was tenacious and worthy enough to reach the finish line, that person? We’ll get to that.

That person ran that race with grit and tenacity, knowing that their duty was to be the best version of whatever it was – even though they may not have fully known what it was (or what it could be) at that time.

At the end of that race, a beautiful baby was born. That baby? You.

You are a goddess, and that you ran that race against 400 million other people and won is proof of that fact. You may not have been born under the best circumstances, or even in the best physical conditions, but I hope you remember that that little cell that carried your thumbprint put her sweatpants on, and raced against 400 MILLION other possible people. She ran that race with tenacity because she knew she had a purpose and she was going to fulfill it. Now, here she is.

My question to myself every day, and to you today is: what are you going to do about that?

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