I’m Sending You a Love Letter!

I'm sending you a love letter

At the end of this post, I will let you in on a secret, but first I’m just so excited to be here! We will have many conversations just like this one and I’m sure they all will be fun, intense, and pretty exciting!

We will talk about love, life, sex, and most importantly your divine birthright as the bright, beautiful feminine you are. We will share deep secrets, unravel mysteries, and examine the experiences that led us to believe untrue things about our selves. We will laugh and share a virtual coffee as we gradually realize why those things (along with the perceptions of our selves that stemmed from them) no longer have to bind us.

I hope along the way we get to be sisters bound by triumph and experiences strong like no other and I hope that that we get to discover, “un-discover,” and rediscover our selves in a way never done before. Did you notice how I keep separating “our” from “self”? Well, this is because the image we often have of who we are (or who we ought to be) does not even come close to touching our highest potential. On our journey together, my aim is to stretch the limits of what you consider to be your highest potential and explore the greatest depths of our ability; yours as well as mine.

We will share insights and secrets through blog posts and steamy, entertaining stories that do not debase us or imply our sexuality is a tool that works against us. We will share books, guided meditations that go deep into your subconscious to change your programming, groups, emails, and most importantly, we will share our stories.

Not only will we share our stories, we will own them. We will learn what we must from our collective experiences and from our dance with the divine so that we, as well as the generations of women that will come through us have the resources they need to make better decisions and to live their best lives resting fully in their power.

As a result, we will become better, braver women: women who have done the inner work necessary to transcend.


If you are half as excited as I am, please bookmark our special meeting place (this website), and come back everyday to find something new. You can join in on the conversation on our social platforms too. Its exciting, I promise.

Now remember that secret I promised to tell?

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If you’d like more intimate knowledge + details about gifts and free offers, don’t miss out on the perks of being an email subscriber. Grab a free offer and let’s get the ball rolling!

I look forward to witnessing you manifest the highest expression of yourself.



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