How to be a Goddess of Beauty in 9 Unusual steps

Goddess of Beauty

Attention, ladies! This isn’t the conventional “how to be beautiful” or “how to be a goddess of beauty” rundown. We’re not going to talk about the new trendy shade of lipstick, how to lose 3 pounds, or dress like every other bitch (no offense) in a hundred-mile radius. No.

Our goddess of love and beauty is poised, shrewd, and intuitive; she is soul. She has truly owned her unique beauty, and it radiates from her core (yes yes, I know: the whole “beauty comes from within” cliché.)

It’s cliché, but hey girl I’ve got a wake-up call to announce: beauty does come from within, and if you are going to be a goddess of beauty with bad-ass Aphrodite powers, the only way there is by going within.

Fail to build what you really are on the inside so that it radiates to the outside, and you may succeed in your quest to become a goddess of beauty. You may look nice and wear nice things, but your beauty will never be anything real, deep, or profound. It will always be plastic, surface-level, and heavily dependent on other people’s definitions.

So are you ready to go deep with me to explore the REAL way to be whatever you want: a sensual goddess, love goddess, and goddess of beauty? Let’s go!

1. Be loud…

Sounds counterintuitive? All we are taught as girls is how to be prim and proper; how to not offend and make pleasing others our priority. Your real beauty begins to take center stage when you learn to unapologetically be you. And I don’t mean in an overbearing way, but simply by unearthing the magic that you are and letting that light shine. Brightly.   

2. Listen to yourself…

Your intuition (or your inner guidance system as I call it) is your best friend. It will reveal a lot to you about the true nature of who you are.

3. Develop a routine…

Everything thrives on routine: the sun, earth, planetary bodies, and even you. A routine grounds you and gives you a deeper sense of purpose and priority. A woman in her power; ain’t nothing sexier than that!

4. Open up your heart…

I’m sorry to have to say this, but it has to be said: you are a goddess; your heart (alongside many other things) is your superpower. Open it and you will be amazed at not only how much beauty you possess but how much beauty there is around you and how much you can create.

5. Own your sensual mystique…

Yess! This is one of my favorites. Just like the moon in all its luminescent mystique; own yours! Be sexy. Be sensual. Be mysterious.

6. Practice kindness to yourself and others…

There is truly nothing more beautiful than a kind heart. Don’t believe me? Close your eyes and think about a time when someone showed you kindness… Are you there yet? Picture it in detail; what happened? What was the event? What did this person do?

You may not even remember what they did, but you certainly remember how it made you feel. Draw from the bountiful well of those good feelings and revel in them. Now, do you remember if this person was wearing makeup that day? Do you remember if their jacket was out of season? No dear. That’s probably because how people make us feel always transcends what we immediately see.

7. Practice your steeliness…

Aphrodite isn’t just the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility; there is a reason why she is also the goddess of war. Duality baby! Master your dual nature and learn to show up as is required. Sadhguru put it best when he says “don’t be a personality, be a presence.”

“Don’t be a personality, be a presence.”


8. Learn every day…

An open mind is a beautiful soul; learn lessons from a child’s laughter, from people, from books, by simply being still and observing – just learn.

9. Nurture life & rever Nature

The energy of life itself is love, and a real goddess of love and beauty nurtures that energy. Whether it is a plant, a tree, a pet, a child, or a charity – give back to life and feel the beauty of your soul explode!

Did any of these make you go “hmmm?” Then you may want to consider reading other blogs or joining the Goddess hotlist. See you there!

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