Erotic Story: Retribution II


… continued from part I.

He stares at me blankly. “So you are the secret girlfriend we used to tease him about.” He smiles, looking defeated. “How Sola managed to keep you a secret all this time is beyond me.”

I shrug. “We just returned to the country.”

He scoffs. “Do you love him?”

“And when will that ever be your business?” I snap.

He nods solemnly raising both palms up to signify defeat and probably also remembering the shock that struck him the other night when he walked into La Boulangerie hoping to meet his best friend’s mystery girlfriend. I remember how he looked like he’d been hit with a charged-up defibrillator. I savored every moment.

He shifted uncomfortably through the entire evening, and when I excused myself to use the restroom, Sola produced a velvet Cartier case and showed him the flawless emerald cut he intended to place on my fourth finger.

Bernard, being who he is, tried to talk him out of it. He said it was too soon, too drastic, that he didn’t know me enough. When he saw that Sola wouldn’t budge, he expressed his felicitations through gritted teeth. I rejoined them and pretended that I hadn’t just spied on the entire exchange from behind a pillar.

Sola woke me up with a kiss and a ring the next morning, and Bernard has been blowing up my phone ever since.

“I just needed to see you,” Bernard intrudes on my thoughts.

“Why?” I ask, “After all this time.” 

He actually looks solemn, brows furrowed and shit. “I fucked up, Tokeh.” He says. “Yes, I was foolish, but I was just a child. A naughty child with raging hormones and scattered thoughts.”

I scoff. “The nerve,” I grunt under my breath. “I have to use the ladies,” I get up and toss my towel on the table.

Moments later, I find myself floating toward the ladies’ room with Bernard on my arm. He smiles at me and I catch a glimpse of that mischievous glint in his eye as he leads me down the dimly lit hallway with LED lights and fake plants crawling up the wall on each side.

We arrive at the ladies’ and he leads the way, ushering me in with a stream of kisses. He presses my plump body against the door and clicks the lock shut. I sigh in excitement, knowing what is about to happen.  

He turns me around and with eager hands begins to massage my breasts out from the cup of my bra. He groans, his excited member pressed firmly against my buttocks. “You always were the best,” he whispers in my ear as he beings to slide his hands beneath my dress. His palms soon find my thighs and he caresses, upward, fitting his middle finger between the mound of curly hair that lay between my thighs.

I let out a low groan and he chuckled, excited to know that I was getting wet at his touch.

Bernard leads me to the row of sinks, and resting my buttocks against the cold ceramic build of the one closest to us, he swoops down swiftly and buries himself underneath my dress.

I want to call out his name and ask what the hell he is doing, but the words have barely escaped my lips when I feel his warm lips against my bare skin. He licks tentatively, teasing me and studying each reaction. With impatience, I grab him and thrust my clit into his warm, waiting lips.

He gets a hold of my right leg and drapes it over his shoulder, kneeling fully to give himself the balance he needs. He grabs my buttocks and thrusts his tongue forward, lapping and sucking; sucking, and driving me to the precipice of madness. I moan, grabbing tufts of his hair, grabbing anything I could find.

Ohh Bernard. What the hell were we doing?

Suddenly, I feel a sweet sensation beginning to rise and engulf me from the pit of my stomach. I rock my waist back and forth, savoring the feel of his warm lips against my naked skin.  Soon, I am gasping and moaning out with shaky, discordant breaths.

Bernard wastes no time in grabbing my bum and lifting me onto the sink. Sliding my thin lace panties to the left, he unzips himself and fills me up with the chubby-round head of his plump penis.

I cry out in ecstasy as he slides the remainder of his fat cock inside, giving me pleasure and taking it at the same time. He moans too and slowly begins to move, his fully erect penis throbbing within my walls.

In the heat of the moment, he jerks my hips forward, slamming his excited cock deep inside my wet pussy. I am dripping with my juice, his juice, and the remnants of his saliva.

We fucked each other recklessly on that bathroom sink; grabbing, groping, trying to feel everything that was there to be felt.

“I’m going to cummmm” he breathes heavily in my ear and quickly pulls himself out. Nothing. He devours my lips with his and I see the fleshy head of his penis rub against my clit momentarily before it disappears into me again. I gasp.

I don’t know what is happening, but my body is moving to meet his thrusts. He spreads my legs further and gyrates his hips in a rotund movement, reaching the deepest depths. I feel him expand inside me and groan, he’s thrusting so firm and steady. I feel the sweet sensation begin to engulf me again and I open my eyes momentarily.

The fluorescent light blazing overhead reflects through my diamond ring and almost blinds me. Immediately, all I see is Sola. I hear his voice, smell his cologne, and feel his sweaty palms around me.

I look up at Bernard and observe the intense look on his face. He is making low guttural sounds, pants pulled down to his knees, and brows furrowed in concentration. I am immediately transported back to that fateful day on the couch 6 years ago, and I feel sick to my stomach.

I retch.


 “Tokeh, Tokeh!” Bernard taps me back to reality and I notice that the ice cubes in my lemon water are already beginning to melt.

“Jeez, woman! A penny for your thoughts?” he remarks, taking a swing of his drink. “The waiter is almost ready to take your order,” he adds.

“Err, actually,” I say as I begin to get up from my chair, “I’ve gotta go.”

“Go?” he looks startled, “but we haven’t even had lunch yet.” He stands up too, trying to cajole me to sit back down.

“Yeah, I know right? But I have this, err, this thing at the office that I totally forgot about. Better not be late.”

“Today?” he scoffs with a chuckle, “But you picked the time and place.”

“Yes, I did,” I reply curtly, carefully binning the last bits of my imagination as I rise to my feet. I reach out for a handshake. “It was good seeing you, Ben,” I look straight into his eyes, “let’s never do this again.” I smile villainously and slip a currency note under my coaster to pay for my drink.

“Are you insulting me now?” Bernard looks at the note and back at me. I laugh momentarily in my mind. Nigerian men.

Without a response, I grab my bag and turn to walk away. “See you at the wedding,” I pause to say, before turning on my heels and cat-walking out the sliding glass doors. 

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