Erotic Story: Uncle Charlie (Cont’d)

uncle uche

I chuckled, surprised at how well he knew aunty Kathy.

We said our goodnights and he retired to his bedroom, almost missing his step on the first stair.

A few seconds later, I decided I had had enough of the show and proceeded to switch the TV off. I slipped my feet into my slip-ons and made my way up the stairs to my bedroom.

I was standing in the vast corridor with a hand placed on the knob of my bedroom door when I heard something that sounded like a shriek, followed by chuckling. I swear, I was going to ignore it but then I heard it again and my curiosity got the best of me. I traced the sound down the hallway to the master bedroom – the heavy double door at the end of the corridor – and pressed my ear to its wooden frame.


I could make out their conversation if I listened intently.

“Uche, you’re drunk.” I heard aunty Kathy grumble.

“Just a couple of drinks with Kingsley and Paul, drunk?” I heard him reply. “C’mon, baby. You know the only thing I’m drunk on is you.”

She chuckled, probably blushing, then I heard them kiss and someone shuffle their weight across the bed. Probably uncle Charles because he’s heavier.

The kissing sounds became heavier, punctuated by sporadic low moans and erotic talk. “Ohh, Uche, you know what happens when you touch me like that,” or “come closer, baby” aunty Kathy would say. I can only imagine that uncle Charles obliged.

It took only a few more moments before the intense moaning began, followed by a sound I assume to be the banging of the headboard against the wall. Aunty Kathy was moaning heavily now, and uncle Charles was adlibbing her melodious cries of ecstasy with low-pitched growls of his own.

Oooh, Uche! I ga e gbu m!” I heard aunty Kathy whimper in a voice that didn’t sound like hers, and then it trailed off before it spiked again like it did whenever he thrust deeper. You could tell because the subtle sound of the headboard banging against the wall became so intense that I was convinced there was no way their wall paintings could have remained hanging.

I was stunned. I had been in that house for almost two weeks since the Lecturers’ Association declared their warning strike and I had never imagined that anything of that sort was going on. Maybe I just hadn’t been paying enough attention because a few days later, it happened again, only much worse this time.

It was a Sunday, and aunty Kathy was throwing one of her world-famous barbecues. Uncle Charlie’s parents had whisked the kids over to their house immediately after church, and the house was teeming with guests. Uncle Charlie donned a sexy “Kiss the Chef” apron as he stood above the large outdoor grill cooking hotdogs and burger patties while aunty Kathy moved around, ensuring that everyone had enough drinks in their glasses and mirth in their spirit.

After we had waved the last guests goodbye, aunty Kathy sent Sisi, her housekeeper, and me out on a couple of errands. Sisi did not drive, so it was my job to chauffeur us to and from our destination. We hadn’t gotten very far when I realized that I didn’t have my debit card with me and all the money aunty Kathy had given me for the trip was safely tucked away in my bank account. I hissed and made a U-turn.

I parked outside and buzzed for the gateman to let me in. Inside, I dashed for my room to retrieve my purse and head back out, but I froze at what I saw through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. Uncle Charlie and Aunty Kathy were together on the balcony – they obviously weren’t expecting me home.

Aunty Kathy was leaning over the railing, and Uncle Charlie was behind her, squatted between her legs. Her flowery tea party dress was lifted over her bum and her red lacy lingerie dangled around one ankle. Still squatted, he ran his palm over one smooth butt cheek, gently nuzzling left and right and stroking up and down with his lips. She moaned and bent lower to give him easier access. He sucked her perky clit earnestly, moving back and forth; glistening his right thumb with saliva before sinking it deep into her ass. Aunty Kathy caught her breath in her throat, “Ucheeee!” she cried sharply.

The sound of his name escaping her lips probably got his juices flowing. He stood up slowly, leaving a trail of little kisses from her butt up to her spine and then to the back of her neck. Aunty Kathy stood up straight too, and reaching behind to curl her arms around his neck, she pulled him down to kiss her lips. He kissed her, her upraised arms giving his hands room to roam freely about the front of her body. He took the opportunity to knead her clothed breasts and caress her thighs as he sucked her tongue in and out of her mouth. He undid the zip of her dress and fetched one plump breast out through the neckline, pinching the nipple ever so tenderly. She sucked in air through gritted teeth and called out for him again – music to his ears.

She still had hands wrapped around his neck when I noticed him take one hand off her body to his zipper. He unbuckled himself in a blink, pulling his briefs down just enough to reveal his red hot erection. I am embarrassed to admit, but I stopped for a moment to admire it. It was so beautiful, so powerful; so virile. He rubbed it against her naked bum for a moment, breathing deeply against her neck.

“I want you, babe,” he was moaning as he pressed himself against her. She clung to him tighter and leaned back to kiss him again. Uncle Charlie broke off the kiss, bent her over, and rammed his stiff self into her soft, welcoming wetness. I wasn’t aware that humans were capable of making the savage sounds that escaped from aunty Kathy’s throat.

Uncle Charlie was moaning too now – cupping her hips and thrusting so beautifully. He wasn’t missing a beat, only the few times he stopped to lift one of her legs over the railing and hold it firmly in place or to ask her to lean further over.

Aunty Kathy was becoming erratic, I could see it. She reached behind her and dug her fiery red nails into his naked bum, guiding him into a firm, steady rhythm.

Aahhh, dadyyy, wait, dadyyy, I’m cummi…” she gasped, short of the last words as her body broke into a round of muscle spasms. Uncle Charles took himself out of her when her loud cries and spontaneous twitches became fatigued pants and low moans, a steady flow of liquid trickling down her shaky leg. He was kissing her all over, guiding her down from her climax.

“Open up for me,” he cooed, caressing her gently with one hand and his stiff-hot member with the other, and without missing the first exhausted nod of approval, his breathing became labored as he gradually tried to insert himself into her sweetness again.

This time around, he didn’t stop until a deep, guttural moan escaped from the back of his throat. His thrusts became shallower, more strained – like there was a depth of sweetness within her that he dared not reach. He moaned again, rolling his hips back and forth, trying to taste every inch of her, then he sighed and withdrew himself. The excess of his semen dripped from between aunty Kathy’s legs and dolloped to the ground.

I ran off quickly before they would turn around and catch a glimpse of me. Sisi asked me why I had taken so long and why I had a stupid stunned look on my face. I made up some silly excuse and drove off quickly.

Now I lay in bed, pensive. Sometimes I have to press my knees tightly together to prevent the heat I feel pulsating at my core whenever I think about uncle Charles and that evening with aunty Kathy on the balcony. I want to feel him just like she does.

I want him to touch me the way he touches her; I want him to strip me with his gaze, like I’ve seen him do to aunty Kathy countless times, and call me baby in that sexy baritone voice of his’.

But I know I’m just a silly little girl with a silly little crush.   

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