Erotic Short Story: The Midnight Snack (pt II)

erotic short story the midnight snack

She gasped when his lips met her naked skin. He nuzzled her softly, teasing the tiny bulb occasionally with his bottom lip. She rocked her hips back and forth, offering herself to him and trying to get him to go lower. He nodded up and down, stroking her so temptingly with the tip of his wet tongue and pouted lips. She gasped for more, thrusting her erect clit into the slit of his lips.

He sucked this time, his tongue and hard palate making a clicking sound whenever he let go. She tore the straps of her nightie apart, stroking her breasts with a moistened finger. He displayed expert technique: kissing, nibbling, sucking, and rubbing her into a jerking frenzy with his tongue. Maybe it was a combination of that and the way she stroked her breasts but in no time, she felt an orgasm steadily building.

She grabbed a tuft of his thick hair, rolling her hips into a steady climax. She thought she moaned out his name, but it came out as a mix of unfathomable, discordant sounds. She scratched, heaved, twitched, and shuddered. Finally, she was on a steady descent from her climax.

She lay supine, struggling to catch her breath as he dropped a trail of kisses from her pelvis to her belly, up to her neck, and finally her cleavage.

“Now do you want the other chocolate bar?” he chuckled mischievously.

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Erotic Story: Retribution II

He gets a hold of my right leg and drapes it over his shoulder, kneeling fully to give himself the balance he needs. He grabs my buttocks and thrusts his tongue forward, lapping and sucking; sucking, and driving me to the precipice of madness.

erotic short story the midnight snack

Erotic Short Story: The Midnight Snack

Something clattered in the darkness. “Jesus Christ!” she jerked and turned around. The light switch clicked on. “Oh, it’s you,” she signed with relief, “you half scared me to death.” “Fear fear,” a voice teased, stepping into the orangish glow of the refrigerator light. “midnight snack attack?”


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