Ciara’s prayer & 3 STRONG reasons why you should NOT be praying it

ciara's prayer

The song “Ciara’s prayer” by summer walker is deep! It also got really popular, (especially amongst us female folk) for obvious reasons. Many of us have been in love and been hurt, or experienced some sort of emotional pain, and “Ciara’s prayer” lyrics really do deliver soothing words that almost any one of us can relate to.

Today, I’ll love for us to have a discussion about Ciaras prayer, and talk about 3 never-thought-of reasons why you should not be praying it, or why you should not be praying it just yet.

In Summer Walker Ciara’s prayer lyrics, we hear Ciara come on the track to say a short prayer to God about life, love, gratitude, and hurt. Presumably, this piece was written after her nasty breakup with her baby’s father, and during a period of confusion and intense pain, and the lyrics do a beautiful job of conveying this message.

Here are Ciara’s prayer lyrics:

Jesus, I need you
I don’t fully understand everything right now
But I know you have great plans for me
I’m hurting, but there’s purpose in my pain
I need you

I need you to restore my faith in love, give me strength
I know I can’t do it all on my own, I’m tired
I don’t wanna hurt no more, I don’t wanna feel like this ever again
Thank you for hearing my cry
Thank you for hearing my heart, I know you’ll do what’s right with it
Thank you for never judging me
I’m broken, but I’m beautifully broken
I know you will help me put all of the right pieces together

I know my pain is not in vain
I know that my baby is the most precious gift
You’ve given me in life and I thank you for that, thank you
Cover and protect us, Lord
I pray the next man in my life will be my husband
I pray he loves me, leads me, guides me, reassures me
I pray that he holds me
I pray that I have everything I want and need in him
I pray he will love me the way that you love me
Your love is unconditional
You are the way, the truth and the life
In you, there’s hope

Lord, you say “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy”
I believe in this pure love, this is what I want
Lord, thank you for reminding me who I am
I am a queen, I deserve to be treated like one
I’m a warrior, I will get up
I’m a child of God, I’m everything you say I am
I’m an overcomer, I’m built for this
Lord, I’m ready, in Jesus’ name, Amen

I don’t know if you agree, but I think that these are beautiful words. The reason I have decided to do this post about Ciara’s prayer is that I noticed the crazy amount of times it got re-shared on social media, and I thought “hey, wait a minute, some of us have it COMPLETELY upside down.”

Without further discussion, here are 3 reasons why you should NOT be praying Ciara’s prayer (or at least not be doing so yet)

1. You have the wrong intentions:

I noticed a lot of people focusing on the line that says “I pray the next man in my life will be my husband.” That’s great, but only if you’re asking for a partner to come into your wholeness and your progress and enjoy it with you, not for someone to distract you from the pain or to do the hard work of loving yourself for you.

The ugly truth is that a lot of you are praying Ciara’s prayer because you are looking for a man to “fix” you, and that’s simply not the way it works.

2. You do not love yourself

Let’s face it, Ciara’s prayer is a beautiful piece, but asking God to send someone to be your husband when you do not love yourself is a tall order.

So let’s say that you pray this prayer, and like Ciara and the case of Russell Wilson, your prayer gets answered and God sends you a man; doesn’t he deserve a love that is everything he also needs and wants? How can that happen if you don’t even love yourself? How can you begin to meet him when you haven’t even met yourself?

3. You’re not doing the inner work:

Heaven, they say, helps those who help themselves; a statement like this cannot be truer in this instance.

I, for example, am a big believer in meditation and prayer, but with faith comes some hard work. Sometimes you don’t have the strength, and in those times, you need a little help from something bigger than yourself, nevertheless, once you pray for the strength you need, are you getting up and putting the work into yourself? Are you putting the work into healing, love, and forgiveness? Prayer helps a great deal, but achieving results with healing, love, and forgiveness takes a lot more effort than praying.

Did any of these make you go “hmmm?” Yes? Then you may want to consider reading other blogs or joining the Goddess hotlist. See you there!

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